How to Change Your Password

Changing My Password - What Do I Need to Know?

This article discusses a few things you need to consider before changing your password and walks you through the process of updating your password on many common IT resources.

Step 1:  Preparation – Before you get started.

Identify what devices and services you log into that regularly use your Auburn University (AU) credentials. These may be devices used to access your email or other work-related resources including, but not limited to:


To find a list of mobile devices using your Auburn University password, log into Office365 ( Click on the gear icon, select "View All Outlook settings", select "General", then select "Mobile Devices". A list of your mobile devices will be displayed. This list may include devices that you no longer use. 

Gather your primary computer and devices (phone, tablet, etc) and plan to turn off or disconnect devices at your home or other remote location.

Step 2:  Changing your password.


Step 3:  Updating your Alternate Email Address and Security Questions and Answers.


Step 4: What happens next?


Now that you have reset your password and updated your security questions, your computer and other devices will begin responding to your password change. Please note that this change may take up to 30 minutes to filter through the Microsoft Office365 systems.  After changing your password, you should immediately update the password saved on all of your devices. Failure to do so in a timely manner may cause your account to be locked due to an accumulation of failed login attempts. If this occurs, contact the IT Service Desk at (334) 844-4944.     


Your Computer
Your computer may prompt you to press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard simultaneously to unlock your system and login with your new password. If you are currently logged in on your computer, it may prompt you to Ctrl+Alt+Del to lock your system and log back in with your new password.


Mac Users

MAC users may need to remove the password from Keychain. Browse to the following article for instructions: How To Delete a Password from Keychain.


Your Email
Your email may prompt you to login. If you are connecting from off-campus, you will be required to authenticate via Duo.


Your Mapped Drives
If you connect to shared or network drives, you may notice a connection error. Logging off, then logging back in on your device should restore connection to your mapped drives.


Office365 Applications (OneDrive, OneNote, Teams, etc.)
You may be required to authenticate to Office365 using your new email address. You may also be required to authenticate via Duo.  


Your Wireless Network Connection
Your password will be cached, or saved in your wireless settings. You will need to “forget” the AU­_WiFi and Eduroam networks so that you will be prompted for your new password when you reconnect. Please refer to the KB article titled Connecting Your Device to a Wi-Fi Network for instructions on how to reconnect or rejoin a WiFi network on your device(s).


Instructions for the most common devices are found below:

How to Forget a Wireless Network on a Windows Machine


How to Forget a Wireless Network on a Mac


How to Forget a Wireless Network on an iOS Device


How to Forget a Wireless Network on an Android Device
(Note: Exact settings may vary depending on manufacturer and OS version)


Your password change is now complete and your systems are updated!  If you need assistance or have questions, contact the IT Service Desk at or (334) 844-4944.