Accidentally delete something in Canvas?

While there are limitations to this function, deleted pages, files, announcements, and assignments can be recovered from Canvas. 


1. If you accidentally delete something from your Canvas course you need to recover, navigate to your course home page, and at the end of the URL type: “/undelete”


undelete underlined with an arrow pointing to us at the end of the URL


2. The Restore Deleted Items page will include a list of recent restorable items. These will have brief descriptions that include what type they are, the date of their creation, and their last update. Navigate to what you would like to restore and click Restore to the right of each item. Clicking Restore and confirming you want to restore, should place the item back in the original spot in your course. 


restore deleted items page opened with restore boxed, and directional arrow


Keep in mind that some items may have lost some of their associated data when they were deleted. Make sure you confirm the results of any restores you perform.