ACCOUNTS: What Happens to your Auburn Account after Graduation

Congratulations! You have GRADUATED from Auburn University!

While you were a student, you had access to several applications provided to you by Auburn. As you transition to an Alumni, your eligibility to some of these applications will change.

At the beginning of your graduating semester, you will receive an email from the Accounts Team detailing the following information. If you are an active, full-time employee of Auburn University (or plan to be) as well as a graduating student, none of these changes will apply to you.

For the next three semesters (or one year), you will continue to be viewed as an active student. Please take this time to view the items below that you will have access to. It is recommended that you take action to save or download files and information before you lose your student access. While you are in the grace period, you will have access to the following:

AU Access Canvas Office 365 Box Auburn Email AU_WiFi Adobe Creative Cloud End of Grace Period

AU Access

During your three-semester (one-year) grace period, you can download and save a copy of your unofficial transcript and view your grades in AU Access.


During your three-semester (one-year) grace period, you can download any important class files or projects you have submitted throughout your academic career in Canvas.

Office 365

If you have downloaded any Office 365 apps to your computer, these apps will continue to work until your grace period has expired. Once your student license expires, these apps will cease to function. Before the grace period ends, you will want to move any items in your OneDrive account to a new location. Also, if you choose to purchase your own license of Office 365, you may want to consider using a personal email account.

If you have purchased a personal license for Office 365 and wish to transfer files from your Auburn OneDrive to a personal OneDrive, please refer to these instructions from the Microsoft website.


Graduating students will lose access to Box. If you are graduating and would like to keep using Box, you can visit the Box website before graduation and sign up for a new Box account using a personal email address. Once the new account is created, you can log into the Auburn Box account and share the files and folders with the new email address. You should download the files before graduation if you do not wish to keep using Box.

Auburn Email

While a student, you access your email online by visiting and using Duo to authenticate. Once you become an Alumni (following the three-semester grace period after graduation), you will transition and use to check your email and Microsoft’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) to authenticate. For more information regarding MFA, please review the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Knowledge Base article. For more information on Alumni email, please review the Email after Graduation or Retirement Knowledge Base article.


During your three-semester (one-year) grace period, you will be able to access AU_WiFi while on campus.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Once you have graduated and are not enrolled in classes for 90 days, your Adobe subscription will be deactivated, and all files will be deleted. Once deleted, these files cannot be restored. Please take a moment to read this Knowledge Base Article on Adobe and graduating students. This article can assist with the migration of documents as well as offer you more information on the deactivation of your Adobe account.

End of Grace Period

Once the three-semester (or one-year) grace period has ended, you will receive a second email from the Identity and Access Management Team. This email will let you know that your grace period is coming to an end and that the transition to an Alumni account will be taking place. This email will also include details like those discussed above.

Once your account has been completely converted to an Alumni account, you will have access only to the following:

If you do not take any of these recommended actions before your grace period expires and your student access is deactivated, no changes can be made to your account to grant you any access. Your accounts will be inaccessible, and some files may be deleted.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the IT Service Desk by calling 334-844-4944 or emailing Additional information regarding the Service Desk can be found by going to: