Active Directory Attributes List

The list below contains information relating to the most common Active Directory attributes. More information related to syntax, ranges, Global catalog replication, etc for these and other AD Attributes can be found at Microsoft.

Friendly Name: This is the name shown in Active Directory Users and Computers.
Attribute Name: This is the Active Directory attribute name.
Example: This column shows example usage or notes.

General Tab

Friendly Name Attribute Name
First Name givenName
Initials initials
Last Name sn
Display Name displayName
Description description
Office physicalDeliveryOfficeName
Telephone Number telephoneNumber
Telephone Number (Other) otherTelephone
E-mail-Addresses mail
Web Page wWWHomePage
Web Page (Other) url
Common Name CN

Address Tab

Friendly Name Attribute Name
Street streetAddress
PO Box postOfficeBox
City (Lowercase L)
State/Province st
Zip/Postal Code postalCode
Country Name c

Group Tab

Friendly Name Attribute Name
Group memberOf

Account Tab

Friendly Name Attribute Name
User Logon Name userPrincipalName
User Logon Name (Pre W2K) sAMAccountName

Telephones Tab

Friendly Name Attribute Name
Home homePhone
Home (Other) otherHomePhone
Pager pager
Pager (Other) otherPager
Mobile mobile
Mobile (Other) otherMobile
Fax facsimileTelephoneNumber
Fax (Other) otherFacsimile
Telephone Number telephoneNumber
IP Phone ipPhone
IP Phone (Other) otherIpPhone
Notes info

Organization Tab

Friendly Name Attribute Name
Title title
Department department
Company company
Manager manager
Employee ID employeeID
Employee Type employeeType
Employee Number employeeNumber
Car License carLicense
Division division
Room Number roomNumber

Exchange Tab

Friendly Name Attribute Name
Alias mailNickname
Simple Display Name displayNamePrintable
Email addresses proxyAddresses

Auburn Specific Attributes 

aubUserType Primary User Type
aubPrefPronoun Preferred Pronoun
aubLocationId Job Location ID
aubEmployeeStatus Employee Status
aubCampusCode Campus Code
aubStudentStatus Student Status
aubStuEnrolled Currently Enrolled Indicator
aubAlumnus Alumnus Student Degree Earned
aubAffiliateStatus Sponsored Affiliate Status
aubExternalUpn External 365 Upn
aubMailbox O365 Exchange Mailbox
aubMailForward Mail Forwarding Flag

Extension Attributes Tab

Friendly Name Attribute Name
extensionAttribute1 (Deprecated) aubLocationId
extensionAttribute2 (Deprecated) aubUserType
extensionAttribute3 (Deprecated) Division
extensionAttribute4 (Deprecated) employeeType
extensionAttribute5 (Deprecated) aubEmployeeStatus
extensionAttribute6 (Deprecated) extensionAttribute6
extensionAttribute7 (Deprecated) extensionAttribute7
extensionAttribute8 (Deprecated) extensionAttribute8
extensionAttribute9 (Deprecated) aubMailbox
extensionAttribute10 (Deprecated) aubExternalUpn
extensionAttribute11 (Deprecated) extensionAttribute11
extensionAttribute12 (Deprecated) extensionAttribute12
extensionAttribute13 (Deprecated) extensionAttribute13