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Adobe Stock is a powerful platform that provides designers and businesses with access to a vast collection of high-quality curated, high-quality and royalty-free assets. Whether you're working on a creative project, designing marketing materials, or enhancing your website, Adobe Stock has you covered.

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How to Access Adobe Stock

Auburn University has an Adobe contract that allows any employee or student with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription the ability to obtain stock images from

Log in with your Auburn University credentials.

Currently, users have access to Images (including Photos, Illustrations, and Vectors), some Templates such as Motion Graphics templates for Premiere Pro and After Effects, InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop Templates, some 3d Assets, and items under the "Free" designation. With Auburn's Adobe Stock subscription, users are only entitled to Adobe Stock Standard content at no charge. Adobe Stock Premium is not covered under AU's subscription.

If you are prompted to pay for an image, ensure that: 1) you are logging in with your AU credentials through Auburn single sign-on (SSO), and 2) that you are accessing Adobe Stock Standard content. 

To search, enter keywords in the search bar. To filter content (such as for orientation, AI content, color, and more), click the 3-bar filter icon on the left side of the interface when logged in to

Adobe Stock screenshot

Once you select an image, license it, then download it for use in projects. Or, license it and add it to your Adobe Library for use through Creative Cloud Libraries. If an image says "Licensed", you are welcome to use that image; it only means that another user at AU has already licensed it for use. If you are a full-time employee and you wish to purchase Adobe Stock that is currently not included in our license (audio, video), contact your Distributed IT Provider.

Note that you can access limited Adobe Stock within an Adobe Express subscription, including some video and audio as well as Adobe Firefly for AI art generation, but without the ability to filter like in the Adobe Stock interface. Employees may want to consider both types of subscriptions (Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Express) and choose the subscription that best meets their needs. Students have access to all types of Adobe licensing through their Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.


Use of Adobe Stock within AU's subscription is commercially safe to use within the terms of our Education license agreement which includes the following:

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