An Overview of and Installing Microsoft 365

Follow the instructions in this article or instructional video to see what options are available and how to utilize Microsoft 365 best.

As a user with an active account, you can access available online applications and install the desktop applications of Office while you are logged into Microsoft 365. You have five licenses that can be used.  When your account is no longer active, these downloaded desktop applications will no longer work.

To install Microsoft 365 apps and access other install options, you will first need to login to Microsoft 365.

To access online Microsoft 365 apps, click on the “App Launcher” in the upper left corner. The App Launcher appears as nine small dots in a square pattern. 

App Launcher screen in Microsoft 365


The App Launcher will show you the available apps and the link to Microsoft 365.  Click "Explore all your Apps" at the bottom of the menu.

App Launcher screen in Microsoft 365


Click "All apps" to view and access all of your available Microsoft 365 online applications.

Available apps screen in Microsoft 365


To access Microsoft 365 download options, click "Microsoft 365" back at the App Launcher screen.

Microsoft 365 App Launcher screen


Click "Install apps" and click "Microsoft 365 apps" to download the Office software to your desktop. 

Microsoft 365 download options screen


Click the "OfficeSetup.exe" setup file in the bottom left corner of your screen.  The file will begin downloading, and when that download is complete, you can start the installation process. Follow the three steps shown on your screen to complete the installation.

Microsoft 365 downloaded exe file


From the App Launcher screen, after clicking Microsoft 365, you can also click "Other install options". 

Microsoft 365 other install options screen


You will be taken to the "My Account" page. You have options for Office Apps and Devices, Subscriptions, Security and Privacy, and App Permissions.

You will find an alternate link to install Office on this page under “Office apps & devices”. 

You can also click "View apps and devices" to see where you have installed apps.

Microsoft 365 other install options screen


From "Apps & Devices", you can select a language and the correct version.  

Microsoft 365 apps and devices screen

If you have used one or more of your allotted five licenses, you will see which devices those licenses have been installed on under “Devices.” You also have the option to sign out of any of those devices from this screen.

This screen also provides another installation link by clicking the orange "Install Office" button.