Auburn DegreeWorks Upgrade

Auburn DegreeWorks is a degree-auditing and degree-tracking tool. It is an online program that compares your academic achievement to your major requirements as found in the Auburn Bulletin. You can use it to track your academic progress toward a degree, review the requirements you have satisfied, and plan the courses you can take to complete your remaining requirements. 

Auburn DegreeWorks was upgraded on July 29, 2023. For more information about DegreeWorks, visit our DegreeWorks Training Manual or visit Auburn University's DegreeWorks page.

Information from the DegreeWorks Training Manual and screenshots from the interface of upgraded DegreeWorks can be found below:

1. Auburn DegreeWorks is accessed from AU Access or through a web browser at

DegreeWorks AU Access Navigation Screen


2. Within DegreeWorks, scroll to the bottom of the page to view the DegreeWorks legend and its description.

DegreeWorks Legend


3. In the Worksheets view, you can click the mail icon to contact your academic advisor. You can also view your overall GPA (institutional, not transfer GPA).

DegreeWorks worksheet view


4. Each area of the curriculum can be expanded to show the program requirements for that specific area, or you can expand them all.

DegreeWorks worksheets page


5. Click on a course to display additional course information. Links to section information are only available when registration is open.

DegreeWorks worksheet page


6. You can also use Auburn Degreeworks to do a "what if" analysis to see how the courses you have taken fit into a different major. Click "What-If" to view a what-if analysis of any prospective area of study. Select catalog year and area of study. When complete, scroll down and click "process." The results will show your current progress for the what-if scenario.

Degreeworks what if analysis screen


7. Click "Plans" to create a customized academic plan. Select an existing plan or create a new plan.

Degreeworks academic plans screen


8. To add a course, click the "+" icon under the term or requirements area. Clicking the ellipsis by a course allows you to take further action on a course (i.e. edit, reassign, delete, etc.). Courses can be dragged across terms.

Degreeworks adding a course screen


9. To calculate GPA, click the ellipsis and select GPA Calculator.

Degreeworks GPA calculator screen


10. There are three ways to calculate your GPA as shown below:

Degreeworks GPA calculator screen


For additional questions or guidance with curricula-related questions, contact your advisor. For technical assistance with DegreeWorks, email