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Auburn University Cybersecurity Training

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Information security is critical to the life of the University. Every day, the cyber operating environment for institutions of higher education grows more dangerous. It is critical for university employees to be educated about the threats they may face.

Security is everyone's responsibility.

If you are an Auburn University employee, you have a responsibility to learn how to secure your data, your computer, yourself, and the university network. All employees (Administrative & Professional, Staff & Faculty, Student Employees, and TES) and students may be enrolled in multiple cybersecurity educational campaigns during the year. In addition to the annual training, some people will receive role-based training (HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, Code of Conduct) as well as relevant optional training.

Once enrolled in an educational campaign, you will receive an email notifying you of the training, the due date for completion, and the modules included in the training. 



How to Access the Cybersecurity Training


  1. Log in to AUAccess and select the Employees menu.  If you do not have this menu on your AuAccess page, you can click this link to navigate to the KnowB4 site directly.


  1. Click on the Auburn University Cybersecurity Training button. screenshot of AU Access and location of icon


  1. You will be redirected to the KnowBe4 website to access the training modules.


  1. You can navigate the website by choosing different pages from the top banner. The default page is the Dashboard.  To see required training modules assigned to you, visit the Training page. Optional modules can be found in the Library.


  1. To start a training module, from either the Training page or Library page, click the module and select Start. This will open the module in a new window . If you do not see this window, a pop-up blocker may be preventing it from opening. Please disable pop-up blockers for this site. Click this link for instructions on how to disable the pop-up blocker.

screenshot of KnowB4


  1. Proceed through the training using the Next arrows and Play button. To review content, use the back arrow. 

screenshot of KnowB4 training


  1. Once you reach the end of the module click “Complete Training.”

screenshot of KnowB4 completion


  1. Complete any other modules that have been assigned. Once you have finished all required training modules, the KnowBe4 website will display a message that you have completed all your training. You will see that each module now indicates completed.


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Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I confirm that I have completed the training?

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