Automatic Zoom to Panopto in a Canvas Course

If you're a Host in a Zoom meeting and a Creator in a Panopto folder, you can integrate the two so any class recording in Zoom will go to the corresponding class folder. This process is called mapping. 


Please make sure the following has been completed before you attempt mapping: 


1. To begin, click on Panopto in one of your Canvas courses and click on the arrow to open the full Panopto website.

Panopto recordings highlighted with an arrow to  the option to open panopto

2. On the Panopto website, click your initials in the top right corner. At the bottom of the drop-down menu click User Settings. 

initials highlighted with an arrow to user settings boxed  

3. On the Info tab, you will see “Meeting Import Settings” towards the bottom, click “add new”. 

Info tab highlighted and add new meeting highlighted

4. Enter your Zoom Meeting ID for your class session then choose the class folder from the dropdown menu. Click Save!

meeting id entered folder selected and save with an arrow