Canvas: Access Design Tools

How to Use the Keyboard Shortcut to Access the Design Tools Sidebar 

The Design Tools Sidebar is available only when editing content such as a page or discussion description. To enable this tool, you will need to use one of the following shortcuts:  

After entering the shortcut, you will see the Design Tools Sidebar expand on the right side of the screen, as seen in the screenshot below.

design tools sidebar expanded from the right

Since DesignPLUS is not required to create content in your Canvas course, we have required the launch with a keyboard shortcut instead of turning it on automatically for all users. If you plan to use the Design Tools Sidebar frequently, you can adjust your user settings to launch the tool automatically by following the instructions below. 

How to Adjust User Settings and Automatically Launch the Design Tools Sidebar

After launching the Design Tools Sidebar, select the Design Tools Settings icon (the gear icon) to open your settings. 

Design Tools settings icon displayed

In the tray that opens, you will have a choice of two options to enable: Automatically launch Tools or Show launch button. These are enabled when the toggle changes from a gray background with a white "x" to a green background with a white checkmark. Both are shown below. 

Automatically launch Tools will expand the Design Tools Sidebar automatically whenever you are editing content. 

Automatically launch Tools is selected

Show launch button, when selected, will give you a rocket in the top right that you can click to expand the Design Tools Sidebar whenever you are editing content. 

show launch button is selected

Show launch button rocket shown in the top right corner when editing content. 

Design Tools rocket in top right corner

Either option will remove having to remember the keyboard shortcut to launch Design Tools whenever editing content in your Canvas course.  


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