Canvas Course Access

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Access to Canvas courses:

By default, Canvas courses are made available to students at the start of the academic term. However, as a teacher, you have the ability to instantly grant access to your course by simply clicking the “publish” button. This will allow your students to begin engaging and participating in course material as soon as the academic term begins.

Publish your course from your Dashboard or from your Course's home or settings page.

publish options shown from within course and on dashboard

If you prefer to limit access to your Canvas course outside of the standard academic term, you can easily do so by following the detailed instructions provided below. It will enable you to adjust the availability of your course accordingly, so that students only have access to the material during the standard academic term.

1. In your course settings, under course details, scroll down to participation. 

course settings is highlighted and arrow pointing to course details and participation is boxed

2. Directly below the dates for participation are two boxes that restrict student access to the course either prior to or after the conclusion. To restrict students access to viewing course content these boxes must be checked. By default these boxes remain unchecked in every Canvas course at Auburn University. 

term restriction boxes highlighted checked and not checked

3. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Update Course Details' before exiting the screen! 

update course details highlighted with orange arrow pointing



Participation in Canvas courses:

At the conclusion of a course, it enters a "read-only" mode for both teachers and students, meaning that interactions with the course material are no longer possible. However, should the need arise, we are able to re-activate the course, allowing for further engagement and interaction. Once the course has been re-opened, you will have the flexibility to adjust the end date as necessary. This can be done via the Settings option. Once the specified end date is reached, the course will once again become "read-only", and interactions will no longer be possible. This will give you the control to manage and provide a timely access as per your requirement.

It's important to keep in mind that once a course has ended, special arrangements must be made in order to re-open it. If you require extended access to your course after its official conclusion, please reach out to the Biggio Tech team at for assistance. Please be aware that adjusting the availability dates for a course will grant access to all students, not just specific students. It is recommended that you use specific time frame for the students who need to finish the coursework. 


You can find the details on modifying course dates below: 

1. Click on "Settings" from the course navigation, Then make sure you are on the "Course Details" tab across the top of the page.

settings is highlighted with an orange box and arrow to course details tab on top of screen

3. By default, the course will have the participation set to "Term." Click the down arrow next to "Term" and choose "Course."

term to course boxed and arrow

4. In the "Start" and "End" date boxes that are now available to edit, you can set the new dates you would like for your course to start and/or end.

participation set to course and December calendar pulled up selecting date beyond academic semester

5. Click "Update Course Details" at the bottom of the settings page to save the changes.

update course details with arrow