Cellular Device and Service Order Instructions

If you need to order a cell phone and/or cellular service for yourself or a member of your team, there are a few ways to start that process.

  1. You can go directly to the Cellular Request Webpage.

  2. You can navigate to auburn.edu/oit, search for the word “cellular” and select Cellular Services. From there you can click Cellular Request Webpage in the first paragraph, and you can also preview the Terms and Conditions as well as an overview of the different offerings that are available.

  3. If you know which phone you plan to order, you can navigate to auburn.edu/oit and search for the phone model (e.g. iPhone 11) and select it from the search options.


With the first two methods, you will first have to select a phone from the available options.

oit cellular devices request page


Once you’ve selected a phone, whether through a direct search or through the request webpage, you must then review the terms and conditions as well as fill out basic contact information. If you are requesting this phone for yourself, your information will auto-populate. If you are requesting this for someone else, you must delete your contact information and use the search function to find the recipient.

oit cellular services request page terms and conditions


On this page, you will also need to indicate if you want a new phone number or if you would like to port your existing number over (for new inquiries). For existing Auburn cellular users, you may also select to use your current number and upgrade to a new phone (certain criteria must be met for that to be approved).

request type


Based on your request type, a field requesting additional information will appear. All options will require a justification for the purchase, billing information (such as FOP), the approver’s name (typically whoever you report directly to), and device and plan options. As you add additional features, you will be able to see the price changes reflected in real time. Once you’ve completed these forms, you can click Add to Cart and start again if you need to order another device, or you can click Order Now.

total an add to cart


Once you complete the order, the recipient must approve the order. They can do this through an email that they will receive, or by going to auburn.edu/oit, logging in, and clicking on My Approvals in the top menu.

my approvals


You will have the ability to track the process of the request, as will the recipient if you’ve ordered for someone else.  You can do this by clicking on My Items on the OIT website or by following along in the emails you receive.


Once all approvals have been completed, the order will move into the fulfillment stage which is when billing tasks are generated. For those who handle billing, this will not cause any changes to the processes you are currently using.


Please note that the processes for requesting cellular service only and requesting changes to existing cellular plans have changed  over to ServiceNow as well. Either of these processes can be selected in lieu of selecting a device in the options mentioned at the start of this article, and much of the process is similar.


If you have any questions about this change, please contact oitcell@auburn.edu.