CFWE Room Scheduling in Outlook Application

How to Schedule Conference Rooms in Outlook

Calendar scheduling is confusing so make sure to read this carefully:


Conference Rooms

Please note: Not all rooms are designated for self-service and automatic approval. A room can be set up to handle requests in three ways


FOR CLASSROOMS it's a different process

Complab 2208/2216 – 2216 (30 Seats) 2208 (15 seats)

Email Dr.Steury and cc:


Classrooms - 1207, 1219, 1221, 1223, 1223, 2217

These rooms are scheduled by the Adastra system (Registrar), which doesn’t sync of Microsoft’s o365 outlook calendars. (and yes we’ve asked multiple times)

Make requests to these rooms by emailing and CC: (so that we can put it on our Microsoft o365 Calendars when room reservations "OKs" it.)


Scheduling a Conference Room

There are two ways to schedule a room for your meeting as described below. Once a room is added, it will appear in both the “To:” and “Location:” fields of the invitation.


Option 1 for inviting a room to your meeting:

  1. Open a new meeting request
  2. Click on “Rooms”
  3. You’ll see a list of rooms available to you


Option 2 for inviting a room to your meeting:

  1. Click on the Address Book button
  2. Select the room from the Global Address Book
  3. Click the Resource button in the dialog box.



Getting a Response

The response you receive depends on how the room is set up:


If you have questions

Email -

Internal Conference Room Admins:

Elizabeth Bowersock

Kayleigh Hornsby

Michelle Straw


Classroom scheduler

Dr. Steury – – Regular Class scheduling for semester

AD ASTRA (registrar) classrooms –


AD-HOC computer lab (2208/2216)

Computer Lab (2208/2216) ad hoc scheduling (after regular class scheduling has been loaded) - 


VIEWING Calendars online (links)

1101A Conference Room West
1101B Conference Room East
1207 Classroom
1219 Classroom
1221 Classroom
1223 Classroom
1224 Classroom
2208 Computer Lab
2216 Computer Lab
2217 Classroom
3235 Champion Conference Room
3301E Dean's Conference Room
3315 Dixon Executive Conference Room
3337 Faculty Library
3403 Mosley Conference Room
4405 Newman Conference Room
Mary Olive Thomas Demonstration Forest