Changing your PeopleFinder (contact) Information

PeopleFinder is a tool utilized by Auburn University for locating individuals and their contact information.  PeopleFinder encompasses Individuals and Departments or Offices of the University.

Follow these steps to change your PeopleFinder or Contact Information:

  1. Log into AUAccess
  2. Click on the “Employees” Tab
  3. Choose “Self Service
  4. Complete the DUO two factor authentication
  5. Choose the “Personal Information” Tab
  6. You can view or updates your addresses.  If you need to update choose “Update Addresses and Phones
  7. Under each type of address you will see a hyper link for "Current" and "Primary".  Clicking either of these will take you to the update screen.
  8. Once in the update screen, make your necessary changes and click "Submit".

PeopleFinder should update overnight.


Items of Importance:

  1. Bear in mind that PeopleFinder only displays Address Line 1, so don’t put important information in Address lines 2 and 3.
  2. If you need to Insert or Add a new address, at the bottom of the Update Phones and Addresses screen you must select the type of address you wish to add.
  3. If you are adding or inserting a type of address that already exists, you must END the current address before adding a new one.  You must enter an end date in the "Valid Until This Date" field.  This will end the validity of the address, allowing you to add or insert a new one.            
  4. Once the current address has been ended, you can enter in the "Valid From This Date" on the new address.  For example:  If you end your old address on 11/01/2019, the new address can not be valid until 11/02/2019.  The dates for these addresses can not over lap.