CLA Recording of Gradescope Workshop

A recording of the CLA workshop on Gradescope, edited slightly for clarity. 55 minutes running time.



Link to information mentioned in the Recording:

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I did not cover one feature in Gradescope you may want to enable or not. If ENABLED (by default it is enabled) AND you have published the exam results so students can view their item analysis students can request individual questions can be regraded via the Gradescope App. 

1. Student will choose the question they want regraded. Then Press the Request Regrade button. Here #4 is chosen

2. Student must justify why they are seeking a regrade


3. Instructor is notified a Regrade has been requested-- Click the Red 1 to view the request. 

4.  Click Review to read more about the request.  Click Regrade Request Settings to disable the regrade feature for this Exam. 
5.  Uncheck the Regrade requests option and Save. 

Blank Versions

When you proceed to Posting Grades to Canvas and you have unknown versions for some scans you can view scores based on the different version keys then choose the one that is most likely.