Connecting to AU_GameNet with a Microsoft XBOX

**Once you have registered your Xbox with GameNet follow the below instruction to connect.  For assistance registering, please visit this KB article.

  1. Your XBOX should connect to AU_GameNet automatically. If you want to check this connection, click the "System" tab, and then click "Network Settings".

    Xbox 360 Network Settings page with Edit Settings selected
  2. On the "Network Settings" page, select "Edit Settings".

    Xbox 360 system tab with Network Settings selected
  3. On the "Edit Settings" page, select your wireless settings on the "Basic Settings" tab.

    Edit Settings page with Basic Settings tab displayed
  4. On the "Select Wireless Network" page, select "AU_GameNet".

    Select Wireless Network page with wireless network selected
  5. On the "Apply Settings" page, click "Test Xbox Live".

    Apply Settings page with Test Xbox Live selected
  6. If this is the first time you have connected your Xbox to Xbox Live, you'll probably be prompted to apply an update. Congratulations—this means you have successfully connected to Xbox Live! Click "Yes, update now". Your Xbox will restart and will then be ready for use. If there are no updates, the Xbox Live Connection page shows that you're connected to Xbox Live. Press the "Y" button on your controller to continue.

    Test Xbox Live Connection page