Connecting to AU_GameNet with a Nintendo Wii

In order to connect the Wii to GameNet, it must be registered.  To register your device on GameNet, follow these instructions.

1. On the Wii console's main menu, click on the "Wii button" in the lower-left corner.
Wii - Home

2. This will take you to the settings screen. On this screen, click on "Wii Settings."
Wii - Wii Settings

3. In the "Wii System Settings", click on the blue arrow on the right to reach the second screen of options. On this screen, click the "Internet" button.
Wii - System Settings

4. Select "Connection Settings."
Wii - Connection Settings

5. Select an open connection, indicated by "None", as shown:
Wii - Choose None

6. Select "Wireless Connection."
Wii - Choose Wireless Connection

7. Select "Search for an Access Point."
Wii - Search for an Access Point

8. At this point, the Wii console will search for any identifiable Access Points nearby. Once this search is completed, you will be direct to choose the Access Point that you wish to connect to, as shown. Click "OK" to display the list of available Access Points.
Wii - Access Point OK

9. Select your "AU_GameNet" from the list of available Access Points. If your Access Point is not displayed, contact the OIT HelpDesk.
Wii - Choose AU_GameNet

10. Click "Save" followed by "OK" to save your connection settings...
Wii - Save Connection Settings

11. Select "OK" again to start an automatic connection test.
Wii - OK to test settings

If the test succeeds, the Internet Setup is complete and your Wii console is wirelessly connected!

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