Connecting to AU_GameNet with a Sony Playstation 3

**Follow these steps to connect to GameNet AFTER you have registered your device and it has been turne off for 30 - 45 minutes.  To register your device refer to these instructions.

  1. On the PS3 Home Menu, browse to Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection and select "Enable".

    PS3 - Enable Internet Connection

  2. Scroll down to "Internet Connection Settings" and press the X button. You will be asked if you want to continue, select "Yes".

    PS3 - Click Yes to edit connection settings

  3. When asked for "Selecting a Setting Method", select "Easy". You will be asked for your preferred connection method; select "Wireless".

    PS3 - Choose Easy

  4. From the next window, select "Scan". You will see a list of Wireless connections in your area. Highlight "AU_GameNet" and press the X button.

    PS3 - Choose AU_GameNet

  5. Press the right button to continue. Do not press the X button as this will edit the SSID.

    PS3 - Continue, don't edit SSID

  6. For the WLAN Security Setting, select "None" and press the X button. You will see a summary of your connection details; press the X button to save them and proceed to testing.

    PS3 - None - WLAN settings

  7. Press the X button to save your settings and proceed to testing.

    PS3 - X to save

  8. Select "Test Connection" and wait. If the test is successful, then you have connected your PS3 to the Internet.

    PS3 - Test Connection