Connecting to eduroam

AU Wireless is a broad wireless network that is available across the Auburn University campus. Auburn currently broadcasts multiple SSIDs. Depending on your location and your primary role at Auburn, one or more of these SSIDs will be available for you. AU_WiFi and eduroam are the best options for students, faculty, and staff when it comes to academic and administrative needs. 


eduroam is the secure, world-wide roaming wireless access service developed for the international research and education community. eduroam allows students, researchers, and staff from participating institutions to obtain internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions.

eduroam allows Auburn University students, faculty, and staff the same access to the Auburn network as AU_WiFi while on campus. At Auburn, eduroam is available in any academic or administrative buildings, as well as in the on-campus residence halls. Visitors to the Auburn campus from other participating institutions can also connect to eduroam and receive an internet connection.

Find out where you can connect worldwide by accessing the eduroam website. Note that Auburn University students, faculty, and staff can use the eduroam network at other participating institutions to receive an internet connection there, but will need VPN to access the Auburn network.

Connecting to eduroam:

Auburn users: To connect to eduroam, you will login with your full Auburn email ( and password.

If you are visiting Auburn from a participating institution that uses eduroam, you will need to connect to eduroam on Auburn's campus using the full email, domain, and device settings from your home institution.

Connecting to eduroam on a Google Pixel device (use the following settings):

EAP Method: PEAP
Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPV2
CA Certificate: Use system certificates
Minimum TLS version: TLS v1.0
Online Certificate Status: Do not verify
Anonymous identity: anonymous (if anonymous does not work, try leaving this field blank)
Password: auburn password


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