Course Toolkit Restricted Access

Course Toolkit has been removed from general accessibility at the request of Auburn's Legal team due to student privacy concerns. If you need similar functionality for your own classes, please use the Class List icon, which should provide the class roster and email capabilities to classes in which you're the primary professor. If you need to access classes you are not the primary instructor for, you'll need to reach out with your use case and details to your areas Administrative Security Requester which your department should be able to help you locate. That person will need the following information:

Administrative Security Requesters will be responsible for submitting a business reason and any requests to add users in your unit to this group. We’ve included a non-exhaustive list of valid and invalid reasons for requesting access, but if you have any questions about a request, you may contact the Registrar’s office.

Valid Reason Examples:
• Needing to view multiple rosters for scheduling, graduation checks, or other similar reasons (but not instructor of record for these rosters)
• Needing to access student photos for identification in advising or exam proctoring (and not instructor of record)
• Needing to communicate university-related information to students across multiple sections

Invalid Reason Examples:
• Wanting larger student images
• Wanting to provide access to a TA (note that TA roles can be assigned in Canvas, and rosters are available that way)
• Wanting to know were a class is located (this information is available via the Schedule of Courses link in AU Access)

For more information on how instructors of record can view rosters and pictures and email students, please visit this link:

Class Roster App