Create A Mailing Group in Outlook on a PC

This article discusses how to create a Distribution List or a Mailing Group in Office 365 and from the Outlook app.  Distribution Lists and Mailing Groups allow you to send the same message to multiple recipients without having to enter each recipient, one at a time.


Office 365 Instructions (


  1. While in Outlook in Office 365, click on the "People" icon on the left side of the screen.

outlook 365 people selection


  1. Click on the “New Contact List" option.

outlook 365 new contact list option


  1. Type your contact list name, add email addresses and a description, and click "Create." If the email address you would like to add to the list is not part of your Global Address list, you will need to manually enter that email address and click "add." 

outlook 365 new contact list screen


  1. Once you have created the list, you will have the option to click “Send Email.”  This action will create an email with the Contact List already in the “To” field.

send email from contact list screen



 Outlook App Instructions


  1. While in the Outlook app, click the “People” icon on the left side of the screen.

outlook app people screen


  1. After clicking the People icon, Click the drop down arrow next to "New Contact" and click "Contact Group." 

outlook app new contact group screen


  1. Type a name for your contact group, and click the drop down arrow next to "Add Members."

outlook app add members to contact group


  1. You can select the members from your Outlook Contacts if they exist there.  If not, you will need to add them manually. 

outlook app contact group add members options



  1. Click the “Save & Close” icon.  Note: You can make changes to the group when needed.

outlook app contact group save and close screen


  1. Once you have saved the group, you can click the envelope button marked "Email" and Outlook will create an email already addressed to your group.

outlook app contact group email screen


Note:  On a MAC the option to add a New Distribution List may be greyed out.  Follow the below instructions to enable this: