Creating an individual website in OIT computing labs

These instructions help you create a website from an OIT Computing Lab.

  1. Log into an OIT Computing Lab machine and open My Computer on the desktop.
  2. Select the (P:) drive, which is also your public_html directory on your H: drive.
  3. Open the desired web designing software and create a new site.
    1. If using Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007, select File > New > Web Site.
    2. Choose General > One Page Web Site > click the Browse button > find the P drive > OK > OK.
  4. In the folder list pane on the left, highlight the file named default.htm > right-click > Rename > enter index.html
  5. Double-click index.html to open the file and begin making changes to the page.
  6. Choose File > Save or simply press Ctrl-S and voila! Your page is now viewable on the web at where username is your username.
  7. Point a web browser to your new personal page and see how it looks to the world. Whenever you save changes, refresh (reload) the browser page to see the changes.