Cybersecurity Month - It's Time to Change Your Password!

“Nobody’s going to hack me – I don’t have anything worth stealing!”

“I’ve never told anyone my password, so there’s no point in changing it.”

“I can’t have a different password for each account; I would never remember them all!”

“Sure a random password might be better, but at least I don’t have to write this one down anywhere.”

“I’m not going to turn on 2-factor authentication. It’s a hassle, and it wastes time!”

If you have ever found yourself making any of those statements, then here’s an important message for you: It’s time to change your password. And if you aren’t already using DUO 2-Factor Authentication, sign up ASAP. It’s a campus standard.

The entire country is seeing a massive increase in the number of compromised accounts across the board. And whether it’s from your password being available from a data breach somewhere, being guessable from your social media clues, or being short or simple enough to hack by trying random combinations until one works, you are not immune from having your account information stolen. That’s why you need to change your password and turn on 2-factor authentication, and that’s why the Office of Information Technology is focusing on how to "Build a Better Password" for cybersecurity month this year.

How do I change my password?

You can change your Auburn password in the program called MyAccount. Unfortunately, a common phishing technique is to send you an email that looks legitimate with a link that prompts you to login to change your password, and your account ends up compromised. OIT will never email you and ask you to click on links that require login information (even if they look like they come from Auburn); so instead, we’ll tell you how to get to MyAccount through the Auburn website.

How do I set a strong password?

Simply changing your password from ‘password’ to ‘123456’ isn’t going to do much for you. Here are our key tips for strong, secure passwords:

What else should I do?

Whenever you set up an account, make sure to use strong security questions, and always have a backup email so you can receive a notification if someone tries to make changes without your permission. You can set up both of those for you Auburn account in the MyAccount page. Doing so will help keep your data more secure, and, if something were to happen, it would allow you to respond much more quickly. If you have any questions, or if you think you may have been the target of a phishing attack, please contact our cybersecurity team at