Duo Mobile Overview: Multi-Factor Authentication for Auburn University



What is Duo Mobile?

Auburn University uses Duo Security to prompt individuals for a secondary confirmation of their identity at log in using a physical device in their possession. This process is called multi-factor authentication, or MFA. The physical device may be a smartphone or tablet using an app, a text message to a phone, an automated voice call to landlines or cell phones, or a hardware token.

AU employees and students are strongly encouraged to register at least two alternative devices, such as a smartphone or cell phone number (as a landline) or a tablet.

Why Do I Need Duo Mobile?

Duo Mobile is a security requirement for AU employees and students. Duo Mobile uses multi-factor authentication to confirm your identity when accessing certain university resources.

Applications/Resources Requiring Duo Mobile

This is a partial list of software utilized by Auburn and whether it is protected by VPN or Duo MFA.

VPN Required:

MFA Required (VPN is NOT Required):

Auburn Credentials Required (VPN and Duo MFA Not Required):

Click the Using Duo Mobile button below to learn more about initially setting up Duo, methods of using Duo on an iPhone, Android, cellular device or landline, managing devices in Duo, and using a Duo Token. The More Important Duo Information button below provides details on frequently asked questions, MFA fatique, and Duo instructional videos. 

Note: If you are utilizing the Duo Mobile app for the Push or Mobile Passcode authentication methods, the minimum requirements for the Duo Mobile app are iOS 15 or Android 11, and the Duo Mobile app should be version 4.49 or later. For instructions on updating your app to the most current version available, see the Knowledge Base article How to Update Apps on iOS and Android Devices  

If you have questions regarding Duo, please contact the IT Service Desk at (334) 844-4944 or itservicedesk@auburn.edu.

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