Email Overview

Email is the official line of communication at Auburn University. For specific guidelines regarding user accounts that are eligible for email, please reference the Auburn University Eligible User Policy.

The Office of Information Technology supports Microsoft Outlook as the university's preferred email application. 

To access email via the web:

Employees who end employment with the university without retirement status will no longer retain email access upon their last date of employment.

Students who are actively enrolled in classes will retain email access, with a three-term grace period after their last completed term. Following the three-term grace period, students who do not graduate from the university will no longer retain email access.

For incoming students, email accounts become active once your admissions application is accepted. If you fail to enroll for the term for which you were accepted, your account will automatically terminate.

Auburn offers the option of a mail forwarding entry in lieu of an email account for Affiliates, depending on the needs of the sponsoring department. Affiliates are typically sponsored by a department for a term no longer than one year. Auburn University affiliates may include visiting scholars, vendors, or contractors.  

For additional information related to email at Auburn University, please select an option below:

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