Email settings for Android Devices

To configure your Android device for Auburn email using the native Android mail app, follow the instructions below (note that Android devices vary, but in general, these steps should be similar across devices):

1. From the Home screen, swipe up to view all apps. Find and select the "Settings" app.

android settings screen

2. Select "Passwords & accounts."

android passwords and accounts screen

3. Select "Add account."

android add account screen

4. Select "Exchange."

android exchange screen

5. Enter your Auburn email address ( and select "Next."

android email address screen

6. You will be redirected to an Auburn login page. Enter your Auburn password and select "Sign In."

android email password screen

7. You will see a Microsoft screen notifying you of permissions requested. Select "Accept."

android email permissions screen

8. Select "Done." Your Auburn email should now appear in the native Android mail app.

android email account completion screen

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