Faculty Grade Entry Options and Instructions


Auburn University provides several options for entering student grades at midterm and final grading periods. We have aggregated the instructions for each method to this page, starting with the easiest and most preferable. If one of these options is not working, we suggest moving to the next one listed. If you encounter any issues, feel free to visit the FAQ section of this page.

Canvas Grade Submission

Faculty Grade Entry

SSB Grade Entry


Canvas Grade Submission

Students expect that the grades they see in Canvas are an accurate reflection of their progress in class. Faculty may find it cumbersome to maintain accurate final grades in Canvas, only to have to submit them into Banner as an additional step. Now with the “Submit Grades” tool, instructors can submit Midterm / Early Alert and Final grades without entering each grade into Banner individually. If you do not use Canvas, you can always submit grades through Banner. However, your students would appreciate if you did use Canvas.

Note: We recommend using Firefox to submit grades, as Chrome can potentially have some issues.

Only the Instructors of Record for a course in Banner can use the Submit Grades tool. Please note that this grading feature is only available during the Office of the Registrar's Term Grade Roll Schedule.

  1. Follow these directions to set up a Grading Scheme in Canvas. In addition to the 100-point or percentage grading scheme, a 10-point grading scheme is also available, or you can create your own. However, do not use either plus(+) or minus(-) in the scheme as only A, B, C, D, F, and FA are accepted.

    Note: If you do not setup a grading scheme, you can still enter the grades in Canvas to send to Banner– they are just not auto-filled in.

    chose your grading scheme

  2. Once the grading scheme is selected, click “Submit Grades” in the navigation menu on the left (1). From this screen, you can choose to submit Midterm Grades (2), also used for Early Alert, or Final Grades (3).

    submit grades

  3. Once you have chosen Midterm Grades or Final Grades, the student names are listed with the following information: (1) current grade, which is what students see and does not include Hidden/Muted grades, (2) submission status (check means submitted successfully to Banner), (3) the letter grade, which can be changed on this screen, (4) delete inactive student grades before submission.

    Once the grades are correct, click Submit (5) to transfer them to Banner.

    verify final grades and click submit

  4. After submitting, totals for both successful and unsuccessful submissions appear at the top. If a submission is successful, the Submitted column will be checked. If an error occurs, the error will be listed under the student name. Submit as many times as needed until grades are rolled in Banner. Grades are rolled by the Office of the Registrar at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. during the early period of grading and more often as graduation approaches.

    correct errors and resubmit

  5. If you want to double check your grades in Banner, visit the Faculty Grade Entry portal at aub.ie/fge. From the grades portal, you can view the letter grades sent from Canvas. Additional help on Banner grade entry is available by emailing bighelp@auburn.edu.


Faculty Grade Entry

  1. In AU Access, click on the Faculty/Advisors tab.

  2. In the Faculty Grading section, click "Faculty Grade Entry".

  3. Choose the "Midterm Grades" or "Final Grades" tab.

  4. Click on the course to input the grades.
    Note: if you have not yet started entering grades for the course, the grading status will state Not Started.

  5. Continue on to step #6 to manually input each grade in Banner, or skip to step #8 for instructions to export the roster template to Excel so you can use that for a bulk grade upload.

    Input Grades in Banner Manually:
  6. Use the dropdown arrow beside each student name to choose the appropriate grade.

    Note: If you input any grades (but not all grades) and click save, the grading status for the course will change from Not Started to In Progress.

  7. Once all grades are entered, click Save.
    Note: Once all grades for a course are entered and saved, the grading status will change to Completed. Grades can still be edited until they are rolled at the end of term.

    Export Template for Bulk Grade Upload
  8.  Click the "Tools" icon (the gear shape) to open the Menu.

  9. Choose "Export Template".

  10. Select Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx) or if you have an older version of Office, select the (.xls) version. Then click "Export".

  11. Open the exported spreadsheet and add grades accordingly and then save.
    Note: Grades can be partially entered, saved, and imported. You then can return to the spreadsheet to input additional grades, save, and repeat the import process. 

  12. To import the saved spreadsheet, return to the Faculty/Advisors tab and click "Submit Grades (Midterm and Final)".

  13. Select the appropriate course to enter the grades.

  14. Click the "Tools" icon (the gear shape) to open the Menu, and select "Import".

  15. Click the "Browse" box to find and select the saved spreadsheet, and then click "Open".

  16. Click "Upload" and then click "Continue" in order to start a progress bar to show the upload status.

  17. You will need to click "Continue" several additional times as the Excel information is mapped to the Faculty Grade Entry document. 

  18. In the event that you get an error message, you will be given the option on the "Validate" step to click "Download the Validation Report" so you can open the report and view any errors. From there, you can correct the error(s), resave the document, and return to step 12 to finish the process. 

  19. When it appears, click the "Finish" button. If you'd like, you can choose the course in the "Submit Grades (Midterm and Final)" to verify the upload completed correctly.


SSB Grade Entry

  1. In AU Access, click on the Faculty/Advisors tab.

  2. Click "SSB Grade Entry (Midterms)" or "SSB Grade Entry (Finals)"
  3. Choose the applicable term and click "Submit".

  4. Choose the class to update grades and click "Submit".

  5. Enter the final grades by using the dropdown menu inline with each student's name. 

  6. You do not have to submit all final grades at once. If you submit only a partial list of the grades, be sure to click "Submit" to save the completed ones. You may go back later and finish entering the grades. 

  7. Once you've submitted all grades, you will see a notification that they have been submitted successfully to Banner. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if none of these options work? 

A: If you have tried all 3 of the options listed above and have not had any success, please email grading@auburn.edu for further instructions.