Fund, Organization, Program (FOP) accounts in ServiceNow

What is a FOP?

Auburn University uses a hierarchical accounting structure called FOAPAL.

FOAPAL is an acronym for Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, and Location.  This acronym is often seen in a shortened form - FOP. The FOAPAL structure is Auburn's financial Chart of Accounts.

How are FOPs used in ServiceNow?

The Fund-Organization-Program (FOP) combination is used on various request forms in ServiceNow to capture accounting information used for billing purposes.

What if my FOP isn't listed?

If you have an active Auburn account, you have the ability to create a FOP combination from valid Funds, Organizations, and Programs. Use the Billing Change Request form to add a FOP into the ServiceNow system for immediate use.

Note: If your initial request form was kept open while you registered a new FOP, the page will need to be refreshed for the new FOP to be available for selection.