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Logging into ServiceNow

The Now Platform ( uses AUthenticate for Single Sign-On.  To log in, use your Auburn username and password.

Main Homepage

This is the homepage you will see when you log into the Now Platform.  We’ll give a quick overview and dive into some areas more deeply.

Content Frame

The largest part of the Now Platform is the Content Frame.  Within the Content Frame is where you do most of your work.  Here you will interact with widgets, lists, forms, homepages, and wizards.  We do not include a screenshot specifically of the Content Frame at this point in the document because it varies considerably from user to user and depends on which module you have selected (more on modules later).

Banner Frame

Running along the top of the page is the Banner Frame.

Banner Frame

The Banner Frame contains the Auburn logo, the avatar and name of the logged in individual, global search, Connect Chat app, help (contextual embedded help and external help links), and a link for user-definable settings.

Application Navigator

To the left is the Application Navigator.

Application Navigator



Filter Navigator

Helps individuals quickly access information and services by filtering the items in the application navigator or opening forms and lists directly.


A group of modules or pages, that provide related information and functionality in a ServiceNow instance.


Appear as links under each application’s navigation bar heading. They have the purpose of presenting the functionalities that make up an application.


Clicking the star next to any application or module adds it to your favorites, which can be found by the large star at the just below the Filter Navigator. Your favorites are synced for easy access within the mobile app.

This video introduces many of the Application Navigator features:

Self-Service Modules

The Self-Service application and its modules are only available to fulfillers with the ITIL role.  Fulfillers will spend the majority of their time within these modules.