Getting Started with Box

This article provides a high-level overview of what is offered within Box.  You will have access to Box if you are an active student or employee.  Once your status changes to inactive, you will lose all access to Box and its documents.


To get started, follow the below instructions or view this informational video.


1. Navigate to If you are an active student or an employee, click Continue. Box can be accessed while off-campus.  You will receive a Duo prompt when you attempt to do this. 

Box AU screen

2. The main Box page will display all the documents you have access to.  Here, you will see documents that have been shared with you and documents that you have created in Box or uploaded to Box.

3. Each document has options to the right.  When you move your mouse over a particular document, these options appear.  There is an ellipse button with more options, followed by other options (add to collection, create and copy a shared link, share, and select).  These options are further explained below.

Box options

4. Clicking the ellipse will display the following options:

Box more options

5. Clicking the Create and Copy Shared Link option allows you to copy a link that can be shared with other individuals. The shared link will be copied to your clipboard. Selecting the Share arrow will also create a link that can be shared with others.

Box shared link option

You'll then see a share screen, where you can see the shared link. If you have already shared the link with others, those users will be visible as small round icons in the upper right corner of this screen. 

Box share link

6. You can also create new documents within Box.  Clicking New in the top right corner will give you a list of document types. If selected, these documents will be created using the software's online versions, then saved into your Box account. You will be required to enter a title when you add a document, regardless of which document you choose to add. This title can be edited at any time within Box.

Box new options