Global Protect VPN Installation Instructions for Mac

The Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN (Virtual Private Network) Client is software that is used to create a secure connection to the Auburn network.

To install Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN on a Mac computer, follow the instructions below or view this instructional video. As always, please make sure you only run one VPN at a time and disconnect from the VPN once you have finished using it.

1. Download the GlobalProtect Client from the GlobalProtect Portal ( and select Download Mac 32/64 bit Global Protect agent.

Global Protect VPN Download Page

2. Run the Client Installer and follow the Installation Wizard (the GlobalProtect installer package will appear in the lower left corner of your screen as GlobalProtect.pkg).

3. Under “Introduction”, click Continue.

Global Protect Installer Screen

4. Under “Installation Type", make sure that GlobalProtect is selected.  If you ever need to uninstall the client, rerun this installer and select “Uninstall GlobalProtect” instead of selecting “GlobalProtect.” Click Continue.

Global Protect Installation Type Screen

5. The next screen will allow you to change the install location if you prefer.  Otherwise, click Install.
You may be prompted to enter your local username and password before the installation starts.  You may be prompted a second time after the install finishes if performing an upgrade. 

Global Protect Installation Location Screen

6. Once installation is complete, you will see a screen letting you know that the installation was successful, and you can click Close to exit the screen. When closing out the screen, you may be prompted to keep the GlobalProtect Installer Package or move it to trash. Selecting keep will keep the package in its current location; it is helpful to keep the installer package in the event you need to uninstall and reinstall Global Protect at a later time.

You will see a globe icon appear in the menu bar with a GlobalProtect welcome message. Click Get Started.

Global Protect Installation Complete Screen

7. Next, you will be prompted to enter the Global Protect VPN portal address. Enter for the portal address and click Connect.

Welcome to Global Protect VPN portal screen

8. When prompted, enter your Auburn username and password and click Connect. You will receive a Duo prompt on your phone. Accept the prompt, and the connection will finalize.

Global Protect VPN Login Screen

9. You will see a Connected message appear in the GlobalProtect VPN portal after successfully connecting to the VPN. You will also see a pop-up window that states, "VPN Health Check Passed".

Once you have finished using the VPN, please remember to click Disconnect. Staying connected can cause Duo to continue to send unrequested prompts.

Global Protect Connected Screen


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