Gradescope Bubble Sheets

Gradescope Bubble Sheets have replaced the Proprietary Scantron Test Scoring Service. 


Gradescope Bubble Sheets offer significant user experience advantages: 


Getting Started with Gradescope Bubble Sheets: 


Enabling & Configuring Gradescope in Canvas

Canvas menu interface


Gradescope interface with link course selections

You can choose to create a new Gradescope course or link to an existing Gradescope course. 

Sync Gradescope with your Canvas roster: 

Gradescope lefthand menu with Roster highlighted

Footer menu with Sync Roster highlighted

Gradescope Sync Roster with Canvas menu option

Please Note: Gradescope will send a Welcome email asking your to set a password for your Gradescope account to your Auburn Account after logging in through Canvas the first time. You do not have to set a password or create a separate account on Gradescope to use Gradescope Bubble Sheets as long as you always sign into Gradescope through your Canvas account. Example of email is below. 

email from Gradescope asking to set a password

Creating Assignments in Canvas 

Note that Gradescope works with Assignments and not Quizzes in Canvas, create your exams or quizzes under Assignments.

No submission highlighted

Creating Bubble Sheet Exams in Gradescope

After you create your assignment in Gradescope you will link both assignments in Gradescope.

Gradescope will automatically launch, if this does not occur, we recommend you make sure your browser is updated, and you are using Chrome or Firefox, not Safari.

Gradescope create an assignment highlight


Gradescope, hamburger menu highlighted


Gradescope menu assignment highlighted


Bottom menu bar create assignment


create an assignment bubble sheet highlighted


We suggest naming your assignment in Gradescope the same as in Canvas. This will help you keep track of each assignment once submissions are uploaded, and when the assignment is linked between Gradescope and Canvas.


Assignment settings pop-up menu


You will be brought to the answer key page when you create your Bubble Sheet assignment. 

Creating the Bubble Sheet Answer Key in Gradescope

You can create up to five answer keys and fill out each at this step. If you use multiple answer keys, have students make a note on their Bubble Sheet. Gradescope will sort these automatically for you. You do not need to presort tests based on answer keys.

Bubble sheet answer key with download 200 question template highlighted

200-Question Bubble Sheet (right-click and “Save As” to downloads) If students print their bubble sheets, we recommend including this file in the assignment. 

Bubble Sheets allow for up to 200 questions. However, if you have 100 or fewer questions, students only need to use the first sheet. Both sheets do not need to be used if there are fewer than 101 questions on the exam. Templates can be printed double-sided.

Student Answer Sheet Template: 

blank bubble sheet answer key

Select the question grading defaults for “Points” and “Scoring”

grading defaults options

While still in the Bubble Sheet Answer Key Window, create the 'Bubble Sheet Answer Key.'


Bubble sheet answer key filled in, save answer key

Students will take exams just as they did with Scantron. They should bring a printed Bubble Sheet Template and a pencil if the instructor is not providing the printed template.

Note that Bubble Sheets templates cannot be customized to include question content. You will still need to give students the questions for their multiple-choice assignment outside of Gradescope.

Linking Gradescope and Canvas Assignments

settings highlighted on gradescope assignment dashboard

Link has an arrow pointing to it with a box around Canvas Assignment

Link Canvas Assignment pop up with Link assignment with an arrow

Linked canvas assignment is shown and save is highlighted with an arrow pointing to it

Alternatively, you can link your assignments while creating your bubble sheet answer key. 

Scanning Bubble Sheet Submissions


Distributed ITs (DITs) will assist with a centralized location for scans to be uploaded; our recommendation is whatever works best for each department. Below are useful tips and settings to make scanning submissions go smoothly.

Scanner Settings:

Use these scanner settings for quick, high-quality results

Tips for Scanning:

Uploading Bubble Sheet Submissions to Gradescope

Follow the steps outlined below to learn how to upload the scanned Gradescope PDF to the Canvas Gradescope assignment.

manage scans image from gradescope

manage scans

When you are satisfied with submissions, select Create Submissions.

create submissions photo

Submission matching with roster photo

Grading and Statistics in Gradescope

Gradescope will automatically begin processing and grading submissions as soon as they have been uploaded. This may take a few minutes, depending on the number of submissions.

If some answers are not graded, you will be able to review those and manually grade those questions. If this occurs, it is likely because of how the bubble sheet was filled out, and Gradescope's AI was not confident enough to mark the proper answer.

If your assignment has multiple versions, you can view the results of all submissions or view them by version.

posting grades footer menu

Publishing Grades will publish grades in Gradescope, not in Canvas. This why we recommend Linking your Canvas course to Gradescope, linking the assignment and syncing your roster

gradescope navigation menu with statistics and item analysis highlighted

Add Gradescope Bubble Sheet information to your Syllabus

Let students know they will be responsible for printing and bringing Bubble Sheets to exams. In the past, students were responsible for purchasing and bringing blank Scantrons to exams. Students can print Bubble Sheets from their smartphones or computers using the Ricoh Printer Stations throughout campus.

Sample Syllabus Language: This class will not use proprietary Scantron answer sheets. All exams will be administered in class and use Gradescope Bubble Sheets. Students will record their answers on self-provided Bubble Sheet pages. Make sure to print the bubble sheet on an 8.5” x 11” white paper before class. You can use to download Gradescope Bubble sheets; we recommend using just page one. 


Gradescope Bubble Sheet video

Aubie Bubble Sheet link