Granting macOS Permissions

Get your macOS laptops ready for the semester! 

1. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen then click System Preferences.

Mac iOS system preferences drop down menu

2. Click Security & Privacy

Mac iOS systems preferences landing page 

3. Select the Privacy tab. At the bottom left corner of the window click the lock to make changes. 

MaciOS security and privacy menu highlight

4. Enter your OS administrator username and password, then click unlock. 

maciOS system password screen


5. Click the permissions you need to make changes to Screen RecordingFiles and FoldersMicrophoneCamera, and Accessibility are typically the permissions to have granted for screen sharing, photo/file sharing, and audio and camera for Zoom meetings, etc.  

security and privacy permissions windows highlighted


6. Make sure the boxes are checked in the window for the applications you are granting permissions to. 

If you grant permissions while applications are open, you will be prompted to restart the application after every permission granted. Granting permissions before or all at once can prevent multiple restarts/exits of the application. Below is a table of permissions macOS users should grant to have success with apps commonly used in classroom settings at Auburn University.  

macOS Permissions Table






Files and Folders- local recording

Screen Recording 



Screen Recording

Microphone (conferences)

Screen Recording

Files and Folders