How Do I Delete a Password from Keychain?

The below article describes how to delete a saved password from the Keychain on a Mac computer.  If you are experiencing issues logging into applications, removing the Keychain may solve the issue.


Watch the Instructional Video or follow the instructions below:

1. From Finder, select "Applications". Next, locate and select the "Utilities" folder.

Mac applications and utility folder screen


2. From the Utilities folder, locate and select the "Keychain Access" icon.

Mac Keychain Access icon


3. From Keychain Access, you can select different Keychains to view, such as login, iCloud, or system.  You will likely needs to select “login”.

Keychain access login screen to delete password


4. Once you have selected “login”, you will see the list of Keychains.  Highlight the desired Keychain and press “Delete” on your keyboard.  You can also right click and select “Delete” from the pop up menu.