How to Create a Standard Template

Remember, a Standard Change is a low-risk, pre-authorized change that is well understood and fully documented, and which can be implemented without needing additional authorization.

Creating a Standard Change Template should meet the above criteria.


Step-by-Step Instructions


A video guide to this process is below the step-by-step instructions.

  1. In the filter navigator, search for Change and click Create New.

  2. On the "What type of change is required?" screen, click Standard: Select from available pre-approved change templates. These changes do not require approval.

  3. On the "Standard Changes" screen, select the Template Management.

  4. Click Propose a new Standard Change Template from the list of templates.

  5. Complete the required fields on the form.  Choosing a the correct category will help requesters find your template more easily. You are STRONGLY encouraged to replace the boilerplate language that is in the many of the fields as an example with descriptions and definitions that are meaningful for your change.


    Adding fields and populating them eases the usage of the template by requesters; however, usability studies have shown if a data field has content the form submitter has a tendency to overlook it, so if you want the data reviewed spend some time training the requesters or don't populate it.

    If you intend to come back and work on this template some more before you submit it, press the Save button. 

    If you are ready to submit your template, press the Request Approval button.

    An Approval Request notification will be sent to the Assignment Group manager.  Once approved, the template will be ready for use.

  6. That's it.  Good job!


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