How to find a Course Reference Number (CRN) in Banner

A Course Reference Number, or CRN, is a unique identifier for a class section in a term at Auburn University.

Use the following instructions for locating a CRN in Banner:

1. In AU Access, under the Faculty or Employee Tab, locate the Curriculum Management section. Click on Schedule of Courses.

AU Access Curriculum Management Schedule of Courses screen

2. Click on Browse Classes.

AU Access Browse Classes screen

3. Select a term and click Continue.

AU Access Select a Term screen

4. Enter your search criteria and click Search. For example, typing in the course subject "English" and course number "1100" for search criteria will yield a listing of all ENGL 1100 courses for the selected term.

AU Access search subject and course number screen

5. From the list of courses, locate the specific course you are wanting to find. The CRN number for the course will be located in the sixth column that is displayed.

AU Access Course Listings screen