How to Integrate Panopto with Canvas

1. Within the course click on “Settings” at the bottom-left. 

settings highlighted in canvas navigation menu

2. Click the Navigation tab towards the top middle.

navigation tab highlighted under canvas course settings

3. Enable “Panopto Recordings” and click save at the bottom of the page! 

enable panopto highlighted and arrow to save

4. Click “Panopto Recordings” on the left to finish the integration.

NOTE: In order to finalize the provisioning of the integration, you must click on the Panopto Video link. A course folder will not be created in Panopto until you do this.

panopto recordings highlighted in navigation menu

5. Clicking “Panopto Recordings” will bring you to an integrated version of Panopto within Canvas (an example is shown below). Most buttons and options will appear here as they do if you were to go to recordings highlighted in navigation menu with arrow pointing to panopto canvas integration