How to Integrate Zoom with Canvas

Please make sure you have created and logged into your  account using your AU sign-on before integrating Zoom into your course. 


1. Click on “Settings” at the bottom-left. 

settings highlighted in canvas navigation menu

2. Click the Navigation tab towards the top middle. 

navigation tab highlighted on canvas course settings

3. Click the three dots next to Zoom and choose “Enable.” If you prefer, you can drag Zoom to a specific place in the navigation bar. Make sure to click save before you leave the page!

Zoom enable highlighted with arrow to save

4. Zoom will appear on the left either at the bottom of the navigation or where you dragged it to. 

Zoom highlighted in Canvas navigation menu

5. When you click Zoom from the Canvas navigation panel you will be brought to an integrated version of Zoom within Canvas. You can then schedule Zoom meetings for your Canvas course. 

Zoom integration page

If you have never used the Zoom interface before, Zoom has help online to guide you through the process (scroll to “Web”).

6. As the instructor you will see all your meetings in Zoom, students will only see the meetings created for that course through Zoom in Canvas. 

Zoom meetings shown integration Canvas

Students can only see Zoom meetings scheduled for the Canvas course. As you can see from the screenshot, no additional meetings appear.

Student view zoom meetings


Please Note: For recorded Zoom Meetings please note that Auburn University’s Zoom Cloud Storage Retention is 180 days.