How to Request Time off Using Kronos or TigerTime

Employees will request time off by using TigerTime. This can be found in AU Access on the Employees tab or by navigating to

For additional information and instructional videos, visit the TigerTime website developed by Human Resources.

1. Once logged into AU Access, under the Employees tab, click on TigerTime.

Tiger Time Icon


2. Kronos will open in a new tab.

3. Under My Calendar, click the cog wheel in the right corner.

example of date range of pay period


4. Click Pop-out.

pop-out menu


5. You are now in My Calendar.

6. Here, you can view the current and previous pay periods. Although you can view previous pay periods, you can only request time off in the current pay period.

7. Click Request Time Off.

request time off icon


8. A pop-up window will appear.

view time off request


9. In the pop-up window, select your start and end dates.

view of start date and end date


10. Select your pay code for the type of leave you are or have taken.

view of types of time off


11. Adjust the start time if necessary.

12. Enter the daily amount of time off requested.

13. Click Submit.

submit button