How to Restore Deleted Files from the SharePoint Recycle Bin

We all delete things whether on purpose or accident. After deleting a file there could be a situation where you need to restore said file. Built-in to SharePoint are recycle bins where every deleted files lives for 93 days as stated here


Restore Deleted Items from a Recycle Bin

You can restore items that you delete and items other people delete (as long as you have edit permissions).

  1. Go to the SharePoint site that the items were deleted from. (In Microsoft Teams, from the Files tab at the top of your channel, select More > Open in SharePoint.)

  2. In the Quick Launch bar navigation on the bottom left of the screen, click Recycle bin.
    If you don't see the Recycle bin on the Quick Launch bar, follow these steps:
    • Click Settings Office 365 Settings button, and then click Site contents.
    • The recycle bin is in the top right portion of the Site Contents page.
      SharePoint Online Site Contents page Recycle button

  3. On the Recycle bin page, click the box to the left of the items or files you want to restore.

    Select one or more items to restore

    4. Click Restore.

    Click Restore to bring back items

Note: If you don’t see the item you’re looking for, and it was deleted recently, a site collection administrator might be able to restore it from the site collection recycle bin. If you're the site collection administrator, see Restore deleted items from the site collection recycle bin.

When an item is restored, it is restored to the same location that it was deleted from.