ILP5 Update, Banner and Canvas Integration

ILP5 Update: Banner and Canvas Integration


3 Key things to note about the update.


  1. Course Name Changes:

Course Names will appear differently in Canvas.


With the recent updates, Canvas Course Names and Course Codes will be identical and identified by their semester, and year displayed in parentheses after the course name and number. BIOL-1031-003 (Spring 2023).


course name and course code boxed in


Before this change, courses in Canvas were identified using the Name, Spring 2020 - Global Geography (GEOG-1010-002) and/or the Banner Semester ID number, 202320 BIOL-1030-003, which could be confusing and difficult to distinguish semesters on dashboards and while importing course content.


spring 2020 course name and course code boxed in


This new update will provide a clear and organized way to help faculty identify current and past courses, making it easier for faculty to access appropriate materials.


  1. Canvas Preferred Name:

Preferred names will now transfer to Canvas properly.


With the update, students can now easily transfer their preferred name to Canvas from Banner using the steps outlined in this link. This will now allow Canvas to display only a student’s first and last name, or preferred and last name, making it easier for faculty and students to locate individuals on the class roll. Additionally, this change will prevent the duplication of first names as first and middle names in Canvas, streamlining the user experience for all.


  1. Pronouns:

Pronouns can be changed in Canvas by following the directions found in this article. 


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