Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching & Azure for Students

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching & Azure for Students

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and Azure for Students are subscriptions for accredited schools and departments that offer access to tools commonly used in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs. They give professional developer and designer tools, software, and services from Microsoft to all current AU faculty and students. The program has these goals:

The following steps will guide you to sign in, sign up, and start using the Education Hub Software section of the Microsoft Azure portal:

1. Navigate to to activate your account.

2. Click Sign In in the upper right-hand corner, and authenticate with your AU email address and password.

3. Click Explore under the Access student benefits section.

Here, you may be presented with 1 of 3 views/options.

Option 1 (Education Overview screen with a reddish pink bar that states, "We are sorry, we couldn't verify you are a student. Please start the academic verification process here."):

Option 2 (Education Software screen with a reddish pink bar that states, "Are you a student? Redeem the Azure for Students offer and get additional free benefits."):

If you see option 1 or 2, click on the reddish pink bar to confirm your affiliation with AU, and activate your student subscription by logging in with your AU username and password.

Option 3 (Education Overview screen):

If you see option 3, click the Sign up now button and log in with your AU username and password.

Note: If you complete step 2 above and are taken directly to a Microsoft Azure services page as shown below, type Education in the search bar. After typing Education, it should take you to the same screen as shown in option 3 above where you can click the Sign up now button.

4. Once authenticated, you may see the main screen again. Click Start free.

5. Regardless of the option you saw when signing in, you should now be at this point. Verify your academic affiliation with AU by entering the required information, solving the human verification puzzle, and clicking Verify academic status.

6. You should see the Microsoft Azure Education Overview page after verifying your status. Click the Software option in the far-left column.

7. A list of available software titles should be populated for your selection.

8. Search for the title you want to install and activate by typing the software title in the search field at the top of the page. In the example below, we typed the word project. Two Microsoft Project Professional options appear in the list.

9. Select the appropriate option by clicking on the software name. The selected title will be highlighted. A window will appear to the right of your screen. Click the View Key button to obtain a license key. Click the Download button to initiate the software download.

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