Microsoft Enterprise Skills Initiative

The Microsoft Enterprise Skills Initiative (ESI) provides hands-on training for learning and enhancing technical skills and knowledge of Microsoft and Azure technologies. It offers interactive courses, role-based training curriculums, and discounted Microsoft Certifications in a platform that is accessible by participating organizations.

Auburn is partnering with Microsoft to invest in the professional growth of our IT Professionals. The following programs are offered free to IT staff through the ESI Program:

1. Microsoft Learn - Find online learning paths that combine short, step-by-step tutorials, browser-based, interactive coding and scripting environments, and task-based achievements.

2. Microsoft Virtual Training Days - These one-day digital events with live chat moderators cover fundamentals and advanced topics for Azure, Dynamics 365, security, and more.

3. Microsoft Certification Discounts - Earn recognition with globally recognized, industry-endorsed Microsoft Certifications. Help build your confidence and prepare for your exams with Microsoft Official Practice Tests.

4. Productivity Workshops - Join Microsoft experts to skill up on Office, Power BI, and more!

How to Access Microsoft ESI

1. Visit the ESI website

2. Click Sign in now

3. Enter your email and click Next. You may be redirected to Microsoft login portal. If so, follow the authentication steps to continue.

From this portal, you can explore Microsoft Learning options, register for Microsoft Virtual Training Days, find Microsoft Productivity Workshops, and sketch the path to earn your next Microsoft Certification.

*Please note, Microsoft-Delivered Courses and Learning Partner Training are not currently available for Auburn members.

Explore Role Based Training

Microsoft ESI offers tailored learning opportunities based on user roles. With ESI, anyone can master core concepts at their speed and on their schedule. For example, a new Microsoft ESI user could choose the "Fundamental Skills" as their Role to advance their knowledge of collaborative tools, like Teams, or to learn the fundamentals of modern IT security or Azure. In a different case, a seasoned user with years of experience using Microsoft technologies could select "Administrator" as their Role to find learning programs and pathways that dive into Microsoft 365 or Windows Server administration.

Users can select and update their role selection in their ESI settings at any time. Making it easier to find relevant training options when searching for Learning pathways and certifications.

How to Set Your User Role

1. Log in to the ESI portal

2. Click Settings in the top menu bar

3. Scroll down until you find the Role option. Click the dropdown arrow and select your Role from the list.

4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Make Use of Discounted Microsoft Certifications

For a limited time, as part of the Microsoft ESI program, Microsoft is offering Auburn IT Professionals the ability to earn Microsoft Certifications at a discounted rate. Exam prices regularly start at $99, with topics covering a wide array of Microsoft tools and technologies, including:

The number of discounted Microsoft Certifications are bound to participation in the Microsoft ESI program and are limited. Learn more in the Microsoft Certification Program knowledgebase article.