Mobile Device Security Requirements

Mobile Device Security Requirements
Rules for Mobile Devices Accessing AU data

To ensure the compliance of the Data Encryption Policy, ActiveSync mailbox rules are automatically enforced on any smartphone/tablet trying to check University email via Exchange ActiveSync.  The following security settings are in place:


These new ActiveSync rules do NOT make changes to your device for you. These security features must be enabled for ActiveSync to allow email to flow to your device. This means iOS users will likely need to manually turn on the "auto factory reset" feature and Android users will likely need to manually enable all the required security features.

You are strongly encouraged to take steps now to ensure your device is in compliance so there will be no interruption in email service to your device. If you need help making these changes, contact your IT Provider.

What if I remove the ActiveSync Exchange account from my device, will this still affect me?


Please backup your device information, including photos, before running the encryption, there is a possibility when trying to encrypt the device that it could fail and a Factory Reset may need to be done to restore the device. When this occurs this means there is a potential to lose data for Call Logs, Contacts, Instant Messaging, photos and other data for applications.

Mobile Device Encryption Chart

Click the OS Version below to view instructions on how to set a PIN/password, set auto-lock time, and turn on encryption.

OS Version Native Encryption Time to Encrypt Battery Life Required Lock Method Notes
iOS Yes 5 mins NA PIN Encrypted automatically when passcode & auto-lock are set
Android Yes Up to an hour 80%, Recommended to plugin charger PIN or Password Upgrade or New Phones Factory Encrypted
Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 update 1 Yes 5 mins NA PIN Encrypted automatically when the passcode is set and policy applied (encryption cannot be user-initiated)
Windows 10 Mobile Yes 5 mins NA PIN  

Windows 8.1 users: The Microsoft native mail application does not support Microsoft ActiveSync. To access your email on this device please use Outlook email that comes with Office or Outlook Web Access.