New Grammarly Subscription

This page is for newly assigned software license holders of Grammarly.


You have been assigned a Grammarly subscription.

How to Access Grammarly

If you are logged into the Grammarly desktop app with a free or paid subscription, you should open the Grammarly app, click Settings, and click Sign out.

Once logged out, you can access your new Grammarly subscription by doing one of the following:

  1. Click the Accept your invitation link in the email, which was sent from with "You're invited to join Auburn University on Grammarly" as the subject. If the email is not in your inbox, check your SPAM and Junk Mail folders. 
  2. Navigate to, enter your email address, and press the Continue button. 

You will be prompted to sign into the AUthenticate page, if you do not have an active session, and then be redirected to your Auburn University Grammarly account. To confirm you are logged in to your Auburn University Grammarly account, look a blue EDU flag/banner .


I already have a Grammarly Account, what now?

If you already have a personal Grammarly subscription using your email address, the account will pause while using the Auburn University Grammarly subscription. Once you have accessed your Auburn University Grammarly subscription, you will receive an email message letting you know your account has been paused, the remaining time left on the personal subscription, and instructions for requesting a refund.

500: Internal Server Error

If you happen to see a CAS 500:Internal Server Error, you should close your browser or clear the cache and attempt to log in again. This error indicates the authentication server has not yet recognized the change to your Active Directory credentials.