New Mac Setup

The Following Knowledge Base article documents the typical setup precess for Apple computers issued from the College of Liberal Arts. Click on the images to enlarge if needed. 

Create Account Profile

AUBURN Login Screen. When the computer is connected to a wired Ethernet computer anyone with an active Auburn account can sign in and create a profile account on the computer. When not connected to a wired connection a previously created profile can continue to be signed into using LOCAL LOGIN link at the bottom of the screen

Your Auburn Email Address. When your Auburn password is updated annually, the new password will sync to this computer.  MacSetup00002.png
Enter you Auburn Password. When your Auburn password is updated annually, the new password will sync to this computer.  MacSetup00003.png

Join AU_WiFi

Connect to AU_Wifi for those times you are not connected with an ethernet cable. Some Apple specific features like AirDrop requires an active WiFi connection. Only connect to AU_WiFi. 

Enter your Auburn User Account NAME (no and Password to access AU_WiFi on this computer. MacSetup00005.png
Click OK to proceed MacSetup00006.png
Click Continue MacSetup00007.png
Enter your Auburn Password to trust the Certificate.  MacSetup00008.png

Setup Global Protect VPN

Global Protect VPN Client is preinstalled on your computer. In the event you need to use a VPN Client, click on the Global Protect icon in the menu bar (globe icon), enter your Auburn User Name (no and Password then press Connect. The Address of the Auburn VPN is should you be prompted for that. Global Protect requires DUO 2 factor authentication. Check your phone for a DUO prompt to accept. 


Setting up the Outlook Client for Email

Start the Outlook Client application on your computer. There are multiple ways to start the application: 1) click the Launchpad icon in the dock and scroll the apps left or right to location Microsoft Outlook to start the App. or, 2) Open the Finder Applications, then Applications, then Microsoft Outlook, or 3) Use the Mac search shortcut (Command + Space Bar) type Outlook, choose the Outlook Application and press enter to start the application. You can right click on the Outlook icon in the dock to keep the icon in the dock for later use. 

Enter your Email address MacSetup00011.png
Choose the Work or School account MacSetup00012.png

Outlook application can be used to manage your email mailboxes, contacts and calendar. Alternatively, you can choose to use the Web Version of the application at to manage your email from other computers in a web browser.


You are now licensed to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and Teams on this computer. 


Setting up Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat DC (aka Pro) is preinstalled on your computer. Start the application. 

Adobe uses a named account to license the software.  MacSetup00015.png
Enter your Auburn email address then Continue  MacSetup00016.png
Choose Company or School Account option MacSetup00017.png
Adobe, and many other applications use SSO (Single Sign On) to authenticate your account allowing use. The advantage of SSO is third parties like Adobe do not have to know your Auburn password to grant access. This screen is hosted on Auburn servers. When you authenticate here using your credentials, a token is passed to Adobe rather than your password granting you access to the software.  MacSetup00018.png
Signed in the Acrobat. If you have the full Creative Cloud package ($120 per year) use the Creative Cloud App in /Applicaitions to add additional components.  MacSetup00019.png

Setting up Box Drive 

Box Drive is preinstalled on your computer. It provides Cloud Storage to store your files to allow for safety and collaboration. Use the Box application to access your files stored in the Box Cloud and collaborate with others on your files. You can also access your Box files from any computer using web link This makes it easy to access files you may use in class from a classroom computer. 

Enter your email address MacSetup00021.png
SSO Authentication MacSetup00022.png
Box requires 2 factor authentication. Auburn uses the DUO application installed on your smart phone to provide a second (password is primary) means of authentication to sensitive files.  MacSetup00023.png

Setup Zoom Video Conferencing

The Zoom Client is preinstalled on your computer. Start the Zoom Application to sign in to the service. 

Click Sign In MacSetup00025.png
Use the Sign in with SSO to use the Auburn Licensed zoom account. Do not enter your email and Password in the Sign-In boxes on this screen. This is not a secure sign in and you may compromise your AUburn password entering it here. If you have a personal, paid or free zoom account outside of the university account then you would enter your Email and Password for that account.  MacSetup00026.png
SSO Authenticate to sign into Zoom. MacSetup00027.png
That concludes the most frequently used applications at Auburn. The Dock contains shortcuts to applications installed on the computer. This dock can be customized by individual users to optimize their use of the computer. Adding shortcuts to the dock of your most frequently used applications is possible by removing shortcuts you do not need as often.  MacSetup00028.png
Click and drag shortcuts from the dock to remove them. Even they are away from the dock let go of the click and the shortcut will vaporize. The Application remains on the computer in the /Applications folder, only the shortcut is removed.  Right clicking on the dock shortcut and choosing Options --> Remove from Dock will also remove the shortcut.  MacSetup00029.png
Shortcuts can also be dragged from the /Applications folder to the dock. The dock shortcuts can also be arranged on the dock by moving them with the cursor.  MacSetup00030.png

Other Optional Adjustments

Most users prefer the tap to click be turned on when using a laptop trackpad. If save a lot of effort when clicking. Open System Settings, Trackpad to turn on Tap to Click. 


Other Optional Adjustments

If your laptop is equipped with Touch ID open System Settings, Touch ID and Password to add your fingerprint to unlock the computer. 

Follow instructions to touch and lift your finder from the Touch ID MacSetup00035.png
When your computer is not connected via an ethernet cable the Azure login screen will not appear. Use the Local Login to sign into the computer with your Auburn ID and Password.  MacSetup00036.png