On-Campus Cable Television: Apogee Support

Our campus television provider, Apogee, offers students living in on-campus* residence halls more than 100 channels of digital TV. Our on-campus residents can also watch their favorite shows and sports on a variety of devices by downloading the Stream2 app.

*160 Ross, 191 College, and The Union are considered off-campus AU Housing and are not included in the on-campus residence hall cable TV service.

Please note that Smart TVs are eligible for streaming on campus but use a separate wireless network connection through AU_GameNet. For more information on connecting Smart TVs, please read our AU_GameNet knowledge base article at aub.ie/gamenet.

On-campus Cable Television: Apogee Support

When initially plugging in your TV, it is recommended to run a channel scan to ensure that all available channels load.

If you experience issues with the on-campus cable network or the Stream2 app, you must contact Apogee for support. Apogee offers a variety of options to contact them for help. Please choose the option that best fits your needs.

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