Overview of Network and Wireless Connectivity at Auburn University



Auburn University offers wired and wireless networks across campus for users.

Wired network is usually found in offices, classrooms, labs, and dining locations across campus and is primarily used by Auburn employees.

AU Wireless is a broad wireless network that is available across the Auburn University campus. New coverage areas continue to be added with the growth of technology, and AU Wireless continues to become more accessible, reliable, and secure.

To access wireless on Auburn's campus, your device needs a wireless network card or a wireless USB adapter. Wireless controllers should be 802.11n and WPA2 compatible. AU Policies require that devices connected to the wireless network be sufficiently secure, meaning up-to-date anti-virus software and operating system patches.

Auburn currently broadcasts five SSIDs: AU_WiFi, eduroam, AU_GameNet, AU_Open, and AU_Guest. Depending on your location and your primary role at Auburn, one or more of these SSIDs will be available for you. AU_WiFi and eduroam are the best options for students, faculty, and staff when it comes to academic and administrative needs. Auburn also offers separate networks for gaming and streaming devices, as well as on-campus visitors and guest WiFi accounts.

A brief description of each wireless network can be found below. For additional information on these wireless networks, as well as information on connecting wirelessly and network data jack requests and activation, click the buttons at the bottom of the screen. 


Accessible to: AU Faculty, Staff, and Students

Availability: Campus-wide


Accessible to: AU Faculty, Staff, and Students, as well as anyone from an eduroam participating school or organization

Availability: Campus academic and administrative buildings; world-wide


Accessible to: AU Students

Availability: On-campus residence halls


Accessible to: Guests who are sponsored by an Auburn University employee

Availability: Campus academic and administrative buildings


Accessible to: Visitors

Availability: Limited areas of campus


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