PolyCom VVX Speed Dial and Local Contact Directory

Creating Speed Dials on Display:


  You may add a speed dial key to any blank line key on display.


  1. Press and hold the blank line key you would like to use.


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  1. Enter the contact’s first and last name (as you would like to see it appear on your display) as well as the contact’s phone number in the “Contact” field. (Ex: 4xxxx or 334xxxxxxx).  Press “Save.”


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  1. The line key will now be a speed dial for that contact.  Timesaver for Placing Calls Quickly:  Select a recent call or favorite or select a contact’s phone number in the Contact Directory.


  1. You will see the below and can input your information: EX. ( enter John Doe => press “Save”).  John Doe is now a speed dial.


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View Contact Information

  1. Navigate to Directories.


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  1. In your Contact Directory, select a contact.


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Add a Contact to the Contact Directory

  1. In the Directory, tap  "+”.
  2. From the Add Contact screen, enter your contact's information in the available fields.  You are required to only enter a number in the Contact field when adding a new contact to the directory. You can choose to enter additional information.
  3. Select Save.