Proctoring at Auburn

Auburn University is covering student costs for ProctorU Record+ and ProctorU Review+ tests starting December 1, 2022, and continuing through Spring 2024. ProctorU Live+ will remain student-paid. 


ProctorU and Respondus Monitor are the two options The Biggio Center supports and recommends for virtual proctoring. We no longer support the use of Honorlock. 



Cost breakdown by service: 


ProctorU Record+ (paid by the Office of the Provost until Spring 2024)
Fully automated launch with a professional proctored review at the end of each recorded session. ProctorU does the heavy lifting so instructors don’t waste time reviewing flags and can focus on their classes and students instead. Any suspicious behavior is flagged, and incident reports are filed and sent to the instructor for further review.

Record+ is recommended for regular or low-stakes quizzes needing virtual proctoring; this service does not require a scheduled launch.


ProctorU Review+ (paid by the Office of the Provost until Spring 2024)
Live proctored launch. After the test taker launches their exam, the proctor leaves, and they are switched to an automated approach. At the end of the session, a professional proctor will review the recorded session for any suspicious behavior. Any suspicious behavior is flagged, and incident reports are filed and sent to the instructor for further review.

Review+ is recommended for most exams, particularly those for which students are allowed specific materials such as a particular calculator. Students must schedule a time to take the exam, and instructors must configure the testing window appropriately.


ProctorU Live+ ($15 per exam paid by Student; recommended for international students in a foreign country)
Fully proctored from beginning to end. Live proctored launch where a room pan and a technical, environmental check will be conducted to remove unpermitted resources. If any suspicious behavior is detected during the session, the proctor can intervene in real time and escalate to an intervention specialist if needed. Any suspicious behavior is flagged, and incident reports are filed and sent to the instructor for further review.

Live+ is required for most international students, particularly those in countries with strong firewall protection. The cost to the student is $15 per exam, so we encourage faculty to consider selecting this option.


Respondus Monitor ($15 per year paid by student, unlimited classes/quizzes)
AI-based proctoring only (no human involvement). Faculty should review AI-flagged videos post-session to ensure academic integrity. The product builds on Respondus LockDown Browser with recorded video and screen recording.

Respondus Monitor is recommended for classes with multiple regular quizzes (e.g., daily/weekly). Respondus Monitor is also a low-cost solution if there is coordination across a program with multiple students, classes, and quizzes over 12 months.



Respondus LockDown Browser (university license, no fee for students)

It is a non-proctored solution to maximize control of the online environment during exams. Exams set up to be used with LockDown Browser cannot be accessed with any other browser. 


LockDown Browser is not recommended for non-proctored exams. It is a good tool for in-classroom computer-based exams, and exams taken at Biggio Testing Services.



Biggio Testing Services (free for students)
Human proctors in an NCTA-certified testing center located in Biggin Hall proctor students on any electronic assessment. Your involvement can be as little or as much as you like. For example, you can create a password-protected quiz in Canvas and ask the Testing Center to handle all student scheduling and proctoring. You may also use the Biggin Hall space to conduct a faculty-led exam with proctoring help from the Biggio Testing Services proctors. Email to get started.